An Evening With Peter Rivera $10 Tickets!

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The Highlights

Spokane's favorite classic rocker Peter Rivera is the original lead singer and drummer for the 70s rock group Rare Earth. Any connoisseur of Seventies rock music will certainly remember Rare Earth. Their funky good-time music is still played on classic rock stations across the country and their place in pop music history is firmly cemented. Peter Rivera is the original drummer and lead vocalist behind all of the hits. Wherever these classics are played people inevitably say something like: "I'd know that voice anywhere" . . .With Peter on drums and lead vocals, Rare Earth sold over twenty-five million records. He recorded over seventeen albums and had top ten hits with:

"Get Ready"
"I'm Losing You"
"Born to Wander"
"Hey Big Brother"
"I Just Want to Celebrate"

Look forward to hearing all the hits and special new music in the intimate setting of Chateau Rive At The Flour Mill.

The Fine Print

An Evening With Peter Rivera

  • Saturday, November 19 at 8pm
  • Chateau Rive At The Flour Mill
  • Regular Price $15 per ticket
  • Valid for one admission. Void after.