Own a Business?

How The Deal Planet works for Businesses:

  1. The business pledges to honor The Deal Planet vouchers containing an offer of at least 50% savings.
  2. The deal is prominently displayed on The Deal Planet website for 24 hours and includes details about the deal and information regarding the business (location, contact information etc.).
  3. An email advertising the deal is sent out to our continually growing email list of over 25,000 local subscribers.
  4. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are updated, advertising that day’s deal.
  5. Information on how to advertise the deal through the business’ available mediums is provided, as well as guidance from The Deal Planet team on how to help spread the word about the day’s deal.

If you’re more comfortable with conventional advertising, The Deal Planet has an option just for you!  Rather than offer a standard daily deal for a minimum 50% off, you can offer any kind of special coupon or discount you want for just $495 (even if it’s less than 50% off).  Customers just print out your coupon and bring it in to your place of business to redeem.

The rest of the process is the same: you’ll be our Shining Star of the Day and you’re deal will be emailed out to our entire email database and heavily promoted through social media.

Interested in having your business get involved? Please fill out the form below and a representative from The Deal Planet will contact you as soon as possible.